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Open 2021 preparation is upon us. Let's get to work.

Here are details about our new cycle leading into the Open and everyday living:

  • Phase #1 - Nov 23 to Dec 23

  • Deload Week - Dec 24 - Jan 1 (Xmas Eve through New Years)

  • Phase #2 - Jan 2 to the End of Open 2021

*Our deload week will take place through the holiday break. We’ll start our deload on Christmas Eve, and will return to full volume the day after New Years. This (9) day deload is two additional days than the usual but allows travel without feeling pressured to find a gym. We talk about being present often, and at this time of the year, we want nothing else than our athletes to spend quality time with family.

Stamina Squats Squatting is a staple in every training cycle. The focus however is less on absolute strength (1RM), and more on our ability to cycle. Think about the capacity it takes to cycle three sets of 20 thrusters with minimal rest between. Olympic Technique + Olympic Heavy In the history of the Open, we have seen heavy weightlifting tests in two ways: through a ladder build(weights that build each round), and through a max-effort lift immediately following a met-con buy-in. In this cycle, we’ll get comfortable and confident with both. We’ll have two dedicated Olympic lifting sessions per week. One is dedicated entirely to movement quality. The other is dedicated to reaching those higher percentage lifts. Gymnastics In our previous cycle (“Gymnasty”), we dedicated a large amount of training time towards strict strength. Transitioning towards a kipping focus, we’ll take that capacity and put it to work. There be gymnastic conditioning, where we’ll train multiple gymnastic movements under metabolic conditions. Barbell Cycling It is a fundamental necessity in our sport to thrive with barbell cycling. Once per week, we’ll isolate the barbell, varying in loading and volume demands. Conditioning Y'all already know we dive deep into this and aren't afraid to work our engine. Regardless if it's for The Open, racing your kids around the yard, or having a pick-up game with the friends this will transfer into your life in every way. Let's get ready to crush this first week and we'll see you next week.



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