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We are excited to see everyone healthy and happy very soon. We have many updates for y’all as we work through this season of unknown. We are a diverse community filled with different backgrounds, political views, belief systems, and the list goes on. That will not change when our doors open backup for business. We will continue to provide a space for individuals to freely choose if they want to come into our facility to participate in a community workout. Some will be ready to return while others will not. Both are acceptable. Either way our expectation is we work through all of this together with patience and respect for one another and the facility. We will continue to provide the best customer service and member experience but this will take a collective group effort. The walls and methodology of CrossFit AMRAP haven’t changed but there are changes that will take place when it is time to resume. Some of these changes will be updated as deemed necessary along our journey of reopening up Illinois completely over the next several weeks and months. With any type of change some will enjoy it, others won’t. Let’s review these changes now:


Equipment Return

  • ALL equipment must be returned Thursday, May 28th - Friday, May 29th.

  • If you are choosing to freely continue your own “Shelter-In-Place” and “Social Distancing” from the gym but have our equipment you still must return CrossFit AMRAP’s property.

  • More specific detailed information and instructions will be provided by Tuesday, May 26th at the latest.



  • The CDC states, “CDC continues to recommend that people try to keep about 6 feet between themselves and others.” We too will make every effort to keep ourselves approximately 6 ft. from each other.

  • If you have been sick within 24 hours we ask that you please stay at home until you have been symptom free for 24 hours. If you have had a fever or cough within the last 24 hours we please ask that you stay at home. If you aren’t feeling well please stay at home.

  • We will have a Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer on site. If your temperature is 100.4 F (38 C), which is considered to be a fever by medical professionals, or above you will be asked to leave until you no longer have had any symptoms or fever for 24 hours.

  • We are in the health and wellness industry so for your own health and wellness we do not permit wearing of face mask of any kind during training. This may cause you to pass out during training. Please refer to the “try to keep about 6 ft” between others that the CDC recommends.

  • Each individual is responsible for cleaning each piece of equipment they use. This is no longer a suggestion but a requirement.

  • No sharing equipment or chalk.

  • No Showers permitted at this time.


Children: Not forever, but at this time...

  • The Kids area will remain closed.

  • No Strollers or Pack and Plays permitted.

  • No Babies permitted.

  • No Kids not participating in class permitted.


Booking A Class (MindBody App:

  • It is required to RESERVE your time slot in advance.

  • Classes will be limited to 10 people per class until further notice. If you are unable to attend class please remove your name from the list so it makes the spot available to other members.

  • It is required to RESERVE your time slot in advance.

  • It is recommended that you test out your username and account before we reopen to make sure you are able to do this through our app. Please contact me if you have any questions.

  • It is required to RESERVE your time slot in advance.

  • You may not just show up and jump into class. You must reserve your time slot in advance.

  • It is required to RESERVE your time slot in advance.



  • Members must leave immediately following class.

  • No socializing inside between classes. What happens in the parking lot is your business.

  • Don’t come inside more than 10 minutes prior to your class.

  • If you do not need to change your work clothes to fitness attire please leave all extra items in your car.

  • Bring in only what you need. Example: Keys, Phone, Wallet, Shoes, Jump Rope, Water Bottle.


Membership Expiration

  • We have an option for automatic membership renewal every month that some have taken advantage of but some have not. If you would like to be placed on this we can set this up for you. If you need to change it please give us a 24 hours notice.

  • You will not be able to RESERVE your time slot in advance without a membership. As a reminder it is required to reserve your time slot for class. Classes will be limited at this time to 10 people.


June Membership Options (MindBody App:

  • $100 Unlimited (JUNE 2020 UNLIMITED)

  • $75 3x/ week (JUNE 2020 - 3X/week)

  • There is not a married couples, first responders, or punchcard option. There are the only 2 options available in the month of June.

  • This option is for CrossFit, SweatFest, and CrossFit For Sport.

  • Each person is responsible for their own membership regardless if you are a married couple for the month of June.

  • ALL classes will be run as CROSSFIT at this time. SWEATFEST members we encourage you to join us and use the equipment that you are comfortable with. When we perform Olympic lifts or other movements with barbells you will still be able to perform these movements with a Dumbbell. Again, we encourage you to do so if you don’t already participate in both CrossFit and SweatFest.




*If purchased these will go into effect July 1, 2020 or when your June membership expires.


  • 6 months - $690 ($115/ month)

  • 4 months - $500 ($125/ month)

  • 2 months - $270 ($135/ month)


  • 12 months - $2475 (Pay for 11 get 1 month FREE)




**(Effective July 1, 2020)**


  • 1 Month Unlimited - $160

  • 1 Month Unlimited: Married Couple - $240

  • 3x / Week: $135

  • First Responders: $135

  • 20 Class Punchcard - $300

  • SweatFest Unlimited Add On (Married/Single): $20


  • 10 Class Punchcard - $85

  • 20 Class Punchcard - $145

CrossFit For Sport

  • Prices will remain the same at this time.


Schedule: June (It is required to RESERVE your time slot in advance.)

Monday - Friday:

8:00 am - CrossFit

9:00 am - CrossFit

10:30 am - CrossFit For Sport

12:00 pm - CrossFit

4:30 pm - CrossFit

5:30 pm - CrossFit

6:30 pm - CrossFit

*There will be no 5:30am class at this time. It will make a comeback in the future.

*If needed we will add a 7:00am and/or 7:30pm class.

*If needed we will add an additional CrossFit For Sport Class and adjust times for classes at 10:00am and 11:00am.


8:00 am - CrossFit

9:00 am - CrossFit

10:00 am - CrossFit

*If needed we will add a 7am or 11:00 am class


9:00 am - Open Gym 1

10:00 am - Open Gym 2

*Members are only permitted to attend 1 Open Gym Class.

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