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Wednesday, September 8th

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September is going to be a different month. Long metcons without strength, one day of the week and then 2 days of strength only - specifically OLY related and general strength building. Emphasis on speed in our lifts and just getting stronger in general. No skill of the month.


Clean Pull Down (Panda Pull)

4-6 sets of 2 Clean Pull Downs

***From the floor, smooth thru the positions till you hit your power position and then rip on that barbell. ACTIVELY PULL YOURSELF DOWN - hence the name

***Moderate weight here


EMOM - Low Hang Clean

EMOM x 8 Rounds

***We know what to do here, lots of time under tension, build to a heavy single. Start around 55% and let it rip. The opposite of what we did last week

BTN (Behind The Neck) Series 2/4

5 sets

Power Snatch Balance + OHS @ 2 + 2

***Light and purposeful again, try to hit around the same weight as last week

Flat Footed Snatch Pull To Hold

4 sets of 3 here

***Somewhat heavy, maybe in the 70-80% range. AGGRESSIVE DOWNWARD FORCE with the legs, use your legs, you have them, use them. Then hold the shrug, squeeze the glutes. Feet remain in contract with the ground. Like an advanced short pull



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