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Wednesday, September 2nd

As a friendly reminder classes will be limited to 15 athletes per class. You must register for class to attend.


Over the next 11 week's we are moving into "GYMNASTY". You've asked for more time to get taught, drilled, and learn skills and we've heard. We also are going to be switching up with what our week looks like based off of your feedback of wanting more time to get taught, drilled, and learn how to move better in weightlifting. This new type of format will be run moving forward and we will make adjustments along the way as needed.

Thursdays will be traditional longer metcon days aka cardio.

Friday's will be all about weight lifting.

Saturday's will be partner WOD's.

In recent months, we’ve built a foundation.

We first addressed raw strength in the slow lifts.

We then took our efforts to barbell stamina and capacity building.

Returning to the Three-Headed Monster… we now will address skills.

“Gymnasty” plans to address our gymnastics skills that we are either lacking or want to improve on.



Gymnastic Stamina Benchmark

For Time:

100 Double Unders

10m Handstand Walk

80 Double Unders

10m Handstand Walk

60 Double Unders

10m Handstand Walk

40 Double Unders

10m Handstand Walk

20 Double Unders

10m Handstand Walk

*Double Reps for Single Unders.


  • 20m Bear Crawl.

  • 30 Seconds Handstand Weight Shifts.

  • :30 Handstand Hold

  • 1 Minute Handstand Walk Practice.

  • 20m Double KB OH Slow Walk 


  • This Gymnasty cycle benchmark will test our ability to handstand walk with fatigued shoulders and an elevated heart rate.

  • The first two rounds of double unders should take us around a minute to complete, with each round after being slightly shorter.


3 Rounds For Time:

15 Toes to Bar

20 Push Jerks 95/65

20/14 Calorie Row / 300m Run / 15/12 Calorie Bike


  • Today's main conditioning piece balances out gymnastics, weightlifting, and monostructural movements.

  • Your score is the total time it takes to complete the workout.

  • The intended time range for this workout is between 9-18 minutes.

GOAL: 8 - 18:00 CAP



For Time:



Rowing (cal)

Sit Ups

*Run 400m/Bike 18 Cals after each round (4 times total)



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