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Wednesday, October 16th


5 Sets:

3 Power Cleans

1 Pausing Push Jerk

2 Push Jerks

On the pausing push jerk, the first of the three overheads: 2 second pause in the dip position, and 2 second pause in the catch (quarter squat receiving position). No pause in the second and third overhead movements.


5 Rounds of AMRAP 3:

3 Power Cleans 115/80

6 Pushups

9 Air Squats

Rest 1:00 between each AMRAP.


For Time:

Run/Row 800m

30 Double KB Deadlift

30 Push Press

Run/Row 600m

20 Double DB Deadlift

20 Push Press

Run/Row 400m

10 Double KB Deadlift

10 Push Press

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