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Wednesday, March 25th - HOME WORKOUT

Come join us for a coach led at home workout during this social distancing time 😻!

If you are shy in front of the camera still join us and turn off the video feed. You won’t regret it.

ALL levels of fitness are welcome! Share to your page...tag your friends/family... and invite them to join us! 3-2-1-GO! —————— 9:00am - Click https://us04web.zoom.us/j/562094879 to start or join a scheduled Zoom meeting. 5:00pm - Click https://us04web.zoom.us/j/735074265 to start or join a scheduled Zoom meeting.

*If you have a barbell you may use a barbell for today’s movements.

*The video shows standard lunges. If you are capable of doing jumping lunges let’s do that. If not lunging in place or air squats will do.

*The videos show multiple variations of the movements for today. Pick one that best suits you along your journey.