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Wednesday, April 29th

"Bergeron DBeep Test" On the Minute For As Long As Possible:

7 Single Dumbbell Goblet Thrusters 7 Alternating Single Dumbbell Power Snatches 7 Burpees

After 10 Rounds: Add (1) Rep to Each Movement


Workout Breakdown

  • Every minute on the minute for as long as possible, you'll complete the 21 listed reps.

  • When you are no longer able to complete the work within the minute, the workout is done.

  • The goal is to choose weights, rep schemes, and movement variations that allow for at least 7-10 rounds.

  • If you are not able to make it to 7 minutes, continue to complete the workout AMRAP style until 10:00 on the clock.

For Example:

  • If you only make it to 5 minutes, abandon trying to go "on the minute" and simply complete as many rounds and reps as possible for 5 more minutes

  • To make sure we're not working forever, we'll add 1 rep to each movement after 10 rounds

  • Round 11: 8 Reps of Everything

  • Round 12: 9 Reps of Everything

  • Round 13: 10 Reps of Everything…


ID for Zoom Classes at 9am and 5:00pm:

9:00am: 492-798-584

5:00pm: 166-600-560



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