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Thursday, April 8th

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As a friendly reminder, each available time block will be limited to 15 athletes. You must register to attend.



SKILL OF THE MONTH - Bar Muscle Up (BMU) Practice

Yo Yo - We back in action with the BMUs.

-Let's see some wins this month once again learning skills

BMUs - If you got them then work on stringing them together, pushing out at the top and WITHOUT SITTING ON THE BAR, going directly into the next one. Strong shapes throughout.

17:00 to practice

BMUs - If you do not have them, then work on

Banded BMUs

Jumping BMUs

Seated BMU Hip Pop Drill

Kipping C2B/Pull-Ups

Mounting BMU Drill/Dynamic Hip To Bar Drill

Kip Swings

Hollow Rocks on Ground

***Between sets we are always practicing, always refining the double under.

If BMU does not align with your goals or where you are at along your fitness journey then perform...

4 Rounds

8 Supinated Grip Bent Rows

:20second Supinated Passive Hang

ME Ring Row Holds

***This can be performed by anybody in class for general strength and push/pull capacity


13min AMRAP

30 DB Box Step Ups 24/20" 50/35# DB

15 Pull Ups

COMP does C2B



AMRAP in 20:00

10 DB Push Press

20 Air Squats

10 DB Power Snatches

20 Walking Lunges

*After each round, complete a 60m Farmer Carry



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