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Sunday, August 11th


5 Rounds:

40m Dumbbell Farmer Carry 50's/35's

10 Slam Balls 30/20

5 Ring Dips

1 Rope Climb


No Class 😭, next available class is tomorrow at 6:30pm.

SweatFest is a 45 minute high-intensity cardio class. Workouts combine simple body weight, gymnastics, rowing, and light lifting movements for a high-energy workout. Short, sweet, super sweaty full-body workout! SweatFest is for everyone. No on-boarding or CrossFit experience needed.


Monday - Thursday: 6:30pm

Saturday: 8am


💥SUNDAYS AT 11:00am 💥

CrossFit AMRAP continueS to move forward in helping impact our community by doing more, being more, living more, and giving more.

For: Anyone recovering from drugs or alcohol addiction.

Cost: FREE, must be sober for 24 hours to attend

When: Every Sunday at 11:00am

Why: We want to enable members to give back to the community, build friendships, welcome newcomers, and experience joy and camaraderie in sobriety. We believe the goal is to help individuals whose lives have been broken, to rebuild. The long term goal is to aim to provide a sense of belonging, a value for health and wellness, a feeling of usefulness, and hope for the future.

On Sundays we will begin/end with “a group meditation” followed by a team workout/ WOD. Ideally grow it to during the week and during the week we perform individual workouts and practice safe and effective movements. The ritual of everyone coming together week after week to accomplish difficult tasks, while encouraging each other to persevere, will be a special thing.

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