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Saturday, September 5th

As a friendly reminder classes will be limited to 15 athletes per class. You must register for class to attend.


Over the next 11 week's we are moving into "GYMNASTY". You've asked for more time to get taught, drilled, and learn skills and we've heard. We also are going to be switching up with what our week looks like based off of your feedback of wanting more time to get taught, drilled, and learn how to move better in weightlifting. This new type of format will be run moving forward and we will make adjustments along the way as needed.

Thursdays will be traditional longer metcon days aka cardio.

Friday's will be all about weight lifting.

Saturday's will be partner WOD's.




In Teams Of 2:

*Split Reps However

*Both Partners must run.

*You can’t start working until your partner is finished with their run.

For Time:

800 Meter Run

40 Squat Snatches 95/65

400 Meter Run

15 Rope Climbs 

400 Meter Run

40 Squat Snatches 95/65

800 Meter Run


  • This big chipper workout combines higher skilled weightlifting and gymnastics with simple cardio.

  • This is intended to be a medium-long range workout.

  • We expect this workout to take between 18-28 minutes to complete.

GOAL: 18:00 - 35:00


CASH OUT (not part of 60:00 class time)

4 Rounds For Max Total Bar Muscle-ups:

300 Meter Row @ 2k Pace + 20 Seconds

200 Meter Row @ 2k Pace + 15 Seconds

200 Meter Row @ 2k Pace + 10 Seconds

1 Minute Max Bar Muscle-ups


  • This interval work will allow us to accomplish two things.

  • We will work on row pacing to help build comfort and tempo on the row.

  • We will also be building some capacity by going for large sets under fatigue of bar muscle-ups.

  • There will be no rest between rounds.

  • Our score will be the total number of bar muscle-ups across all 4 rounds.

  • We should aim to hit repeatable efforts on the bar muscle-ups and stay disciplined on our row tempos.



Every 5:00 X 4 Rounds

15 Cal Row

15 SDHP w/KB

50 DU/100 SU

Max Single Dumbbell Box Step Up & Overs w/remaining time

*Rest 1:00 between rounds



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