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Saturday, September 22nd - DELOAD WEEK

Deload Week. It’s been a strong last several weeks. It’s time to give our bodies and minds a period to recover. In the past several weeks we have retested 1 rep maxes and retested Open workouts as written or camouflaged into a WOD with small adjustments. Our adrenals fired stronger, our fight-or-flight system kicked in harder and we want to be sure we recharge here. We're going to reduce our prescribed volume and percents for lifting. Happy Training!


Shoulder Press


60%-65%-70% of 1RM


With 19:00 on clock…

Run 1 mile

Row 1,500/1,300m

200 Double Unders

Max Slam Balls 30/20


100 Double Unders

Then, 3 Rounds of:

15 Slam Balls

15 Burpees

100m Sled Push (Empty Sled)

Then, 100 Double Unders

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