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Monday, August 31st

As a friendly reminder classes will be limited to 15 athletes per class. You must register for class to attend.


Over the next 11 week's we are moving into "GYMNASTY". You've asked for more time to get taught, drilled, and learn skills and we've heard. We also are going to be switching up with what our week looks like based off of your feedback of wanting more time to get taught, drilled, and learn how to move better in weightlifting. This new type of format will be run moving forward and we will make adjustments along the way as needed.

Thursdays will be traditional longer metcon days aka cardio.

Friday's will be all about weight lifting.

Saturday's will be partner WOD's.

In recent months, we’ve built a foundation.

We first addressed raw strength in the slow lifts.

We then took our efforts to barbell stamina and capacity building.

Returning to the Three-Headed Monster… we now will address skills.

“Gymnasty” plans to address our gymnastics skills that we are either lacking or want to improve on.



Monday, August 31st

Strict Gymnastic Benchmark

Max Unbroken Strict Handstand Push-ups / Strict Press

Max Unbroken Strict Pull-up

Max Unbroken Strict Ring Dips / Bodyweight Bench Press


  • This strict gymnastics piece begins our new cycle: "Gymnasty".

  • The max strict handstand push-ups/strict press will fatigue the shoulders which will have an effect on the strict pull-ups that follow.

  • Record your reps for each of the 3 sections.

  • Your final score will be all 3 of these rep numbers added together.


  • With muscle failure a real possibility here, we want to have a plan going into this.

  • Smaller sets with quick rest will be the best plan of approach.

    • Have a plan with rep numbers and stick to it.

  • We want to be sure to stop our sets before we get to a slow or struggled rep.

  • Take a break approximately 2 reps before you feel that slow rep coming on.



  • Box Handstand Push-ups

  • Standard Push-ups

  • Double Dumbbell Strict Press


  • Banded Strict Pull-up

  • Ring Row

  • Bent Over Row

Strict Ring Dip

  • Banded Ring Dip

  • Use a bench for your feet

  • Bench Press


For Time


Row Calories --- 400m / 300m / 200m / 100m Run

Overhead Squats (95/65)


  • This descending rep scheme workout combines rowing with light overhead squats for an effective couplet.

  • The lighter weight allows for bigger sets, which enables you to rest very little and maintain a higher intensity.

  • Choose a light weight that you don't have to break more than once on all rounds.

  • This should be a load you can complete for 30+ reps unbroken when fresh.

  • You can squat snatch the first rep of each set if you'd like to.

  • Men and Women will row the same number of calories.

GOAL: 6-14:00



25:00 AMRAP

10 Burpee Box Jumps

20 Knee Raises

30 Walking Lunges 

40m Farmer Carry w/DBs or KBs

500m Row / 600m Run



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