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Friday, January 24th



4 Rounds:

9 Back Squats @ 60% of 1RM Back Squat

*Treat this as "for time". Rest as little as needed to maintain unbroken sets.


3 Rounds:

40/30 Calorie Row

15 Burpees over the Erg

10 DB Shoulder - To - Overhead 50’s/35’s



No Class, next available class is tomorrow at 8:00am.

SweatFest is a 45 minute high-intensity cardio class. Workouts combine simple body weight, gymnastics, rowing, and light lifting movements for a high-energy workout. Short, sweet, super sweaty full-body workout! SweatFest is for everyone. No on-boarding or CrossFit experience needed.


Monday - Thursday: 6:30pm

Saturday: 8am



No class, next available class is Monday at 7:30pm.

CrossFit For Sport [CF4S] is a program designed for young athletes, ages 10-18. Whether you are looking to excel at sports outside the gym or wow college recruiters, our program is for you. We will focus heavily on proper movement mechanics and have a better understanding of functional movements. As athletes progress through the program you will see tremendous improvement in speed, strength, and coordination. We will prioritize making our athletes stronger through safe movement patterns, proper warm up, and mindset development. Each hour long class will involve a group warm up, several lifts, and then a short to mid length conditioning piece. 


Monday - Thursday

7:30 - 8:30pm

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