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When: Thursday, May 28th & Friday, May 29th

Where: CrossFit AMRAP - Garage Doors

Time: 6:00 - 8:00pm

Details: Hey y'all! We are glad you decided to borrow our equipment while we were temporarily placed on a Shelter In Place order. We hope that you put it to good use and were able to get plenty of home workouts in. As mentioned in the previous post we know that some are not ready to return while others are. Regardless of what category you fall under we still need to have all our equipment returned this coming Thursday and Friday. This will allow us to take inventory of our equipment and locate pieces that may be missing.

We will run our equipment return the same way we did our equipment pick up. We will start at the garage doors, take one car at a time, confirm what you brought back matches your original equipment agreement, and you are free to go. In addition to this we ask that you wait until it's your turn to start unloading equipment so we can keep cars moving. Once you are finished please do not hang around inside the gym. However what you do in the parking lot is your business. We ask that you also clean and wipe down your equipment prior to you returning it to the gym. We also will be cleaning it again before Monday's sessions.



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